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  • Storytelling through Song

  • Acting Technique

  • Corporate Settings

  • Public Speaking

"I believe that everyone already has what they need to be honest, successful, and effective in communicating and expressing themselves; whether it be on the Theatrical or Corporate Stage, or communicating in every day life with friends and loved ones.

You must be willing to dive deeper into yourself.

My joy in working with others and watching them soar has everything to do with finding the parts of their work they personally align with most--and the parts they feel most detached from...  Tapping into those gifts, exploring them with specificity, and doing the emotional excavation and technical work needed to allow oneself to wholly drop into the specific text and circumstance.  Lastly, and most importantly, realizing how these things present in each of our individual human vessels.  Taking this care allows us to tap deeper into the Work.

Doing this work is a form of Self Discovery.


I am immensely passionate about the opportunity to remind and encourage my pupils to exist in their own bodies while finding the honesty, joy, and wonder in being able to play and create and communicate worlds.

To take words that were given to them, and make them completely their own.

We allow ourselves to exist truthfully."

-Kedren Spencer


"Kedren works from the heart and that is made clear in everything she does.  In preparing for graduate school auditions, I reached out to her for guidance and coaching.  From over 1,000 miles away, over Skype, she helped me discover pieces that exchibited my strengths and showcased my range.  While working, she encouraged me to explore the capacity of each of my pieces which helped me find depth and meaning in my work.  I applied to only one school and I couldn't have been more prepared...  Thanks to Kedren, I landed a spot at one of the most competitive MFA programs in the country!  Words I would use to describe Kedren's philosophy and coaching Technique: Thorough, Specific, Personal."

                                                                                         -Bibi Mama (USD, Old Globe)

"Kedren was more than willing to help me prepare several video submissions while we were away on a contract together.  What I loved most about working with her was her respect and care with giving adjustments.  She never forced me to play an action I didn't feel truthfully, and created an open space to find the specificity together.  From just a few moments looking over the material, Kedren pointed out nit-picky facts about the characters that I'd initially overlooked, all while honing in on what this character meant to me and how to bring myself out through them.  She was more than willing to return to the material as much as I needed, in order to digitally (and in person) put my best foot forward in front of casting.  Further, she helped me make bold, pointed, and truthful choices all while keeping the Space light and fun-filled.  Her work was a key first step to my successfully booking the job, and I would desperately recommend working with her."

                                                                            -Elexis Morton (Trinity Rep, Celebrity Cruises)

"Kedren is a fantastic coach!  Working with her is an individual and unique experience because she didn't give me a general wash of notes or adjustments.  Everything was catered to me and my work.  My text work, personalization of choices, and boldness of being in the room come through strong after working with Kedren.  I can take everything we've worked on and any advice or tips she's given me into any audition, regardless of it's a musical, classical, or contemporary work."

-Renea Brown, MFA (Shakespeare Theatre Co,,

Kentucky Shakespeare)

...More to come!

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